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Surge + Storm Battery Bugs

Surge + the Storm Battery Node are bugged in a couple different ways:

  1. If you use a melee attack automatically after using Surge, it doesn’t matter if you hit an enemy or not you will still gain Dormant Energy stacks.

  2. If you start to gain Dormant Energy stacks then stop, you cannot gain more Dormant Energy stacks until you Surge again.

This is definitely happening, but #2 isn’t the case, I can use a melee attack a few times, then stop then attack again & I’ll keep gaining stacks on melee skill use (regardless of whether there’s a hitable target or not).

I would keep testing #2. It happens to me a lot. Consistently. Through restarting the game and computer.

That’s very odd since it doesn’t happen to me at all!

Thanks for the report!