Surge Spark Charge Spellblade

Testing around with a new build and have a few questions about interactions.

  1. How does the Armor against shocked enemies from Static Shell exactly work? As i understand it, 150% MORE armor against Shocked enemies implies that you have basically 250% Armor? And I assume this is on the total value of your character not the armor itself (saw a video while googling the issue which implied it only increases the armor value of the armor itself).

  2. Surge Node ‘Expanse’ makes the ‘Dmg Area’ of Surge bigger. I assume this means ‘hits targets’ in a bigger area and triggers on hit effect. Surge is a hit skill, but the Node is just weirdly described I guess.

  3. Just a comprehension thing in Skill descriptions. ‘If it hits an enemy’ means the effect occurs only once. ‘When it hits an enemy’ means the effect occurs every time an enemy is hit? For example Mana strike’s Arcanist’s Blade gives you 3 Mana if your Mana strike hits an enemy (no matter how many), and Critical Mana gives you 3 Mana for every crit you get.

  4. Fire Aura range is the actual visual range? As in the visible Aura under your feed grows and shrinks with skills and matches the actual effected area?

  5. From what I read, Spark Charge can stack. Do multiple stacks expire at the same time? Is there a cooldown? If i have 100% Spark Charge chance and hit an enemy 5times <1s. Do I apply 5 stacks and do they all expire 1s after the first was applied and trigger the explosion?

Thanks for any explanations :slight_smile:


  1. For some reason DPS value ING changes with cast speed even though they’re applied by melee attacks, any idea why?


Yes, I’d assume that too.


The stacks expire when their individual timers end.

Ailment/proc tooltip dps can be a bit wonky.

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Thanks for the great reply! This helped a lot.

edit: Actually had another question. Do you have an idea how ‘Final Spark’ interacts with multiple Spark Charge stacks? Does it blow all the stacks?

Final Spark: If Lightning Blast hits an enemy already affected by Spark Charge the Spark Charge explodes, dealing lightning damage to all nearby enemies.

If you hit a target with Lightning Blast with that node then any Spark Charges explode (ie, have their timer immediately reduced to 0).