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Surge Resetting Firebrand and Bladeweaving Stacks?

Hey… Am I going mad or have a missed a tooltip somewhere…

When using Surge, I find that it clears my Firebrand and Bladeweaving stacks…

Easily tested by using a spellblade character with firebrand and or blade weaving passive on the dummy… gain some stacks and then proc surge (even the unskilled base level one)…

Is it supposed to do this?

So for Blade Weaver this interaction is obviously working as intended.

Blade Weaver states “When you use a melee attack that cost 10 or more mana the stacks are confumsed […]”

Regarding Firebrand: Do you use the “Incineration” Node? If yes, that is also working as intended, otherwise Firebrand stacks should not reset or get consumed by anything.

Ahhh… Thanks @Heavy … I forgot that Surge counted as a melee AND movement… I was trying to use it as a movement skill and didnt realise that it was procing melee…

Oh well, that makes it pretty useless as a Spellblade skill if you are using the Firebrand Flame Reave stack rotation like I am… Would obviously still be useful if you were not using this particular synergy or wanted Firebrand stacks to boost Surge instead…

Yeah if you solely want to use it as a movement skill that doesn’t work out that well.

But i can tell you that you can use Surge as a main dmg skill.
It basically can serve as a cooldown nuke if specced accordingly, especially combined with stuff like those 2 mentioned “buff up” mechanics.

Surge itself already has crazy dmg nodes within it’s tree. (100% more dmg from Storym Battery, another 40% more dmg from Concentrated Current, 3% more dmg per 1% MS and hefty 50 flat melee lightning damage).

All of that works together without any crazy investment and if you wanna make that explode through the ceiling you could fit in a Static into that build and get hefty 3% more lightning dmg per 4 static which can be up to 150% additionam more dmg multiplier).

I can highyl recommend playing that kind of a build, because you basically kill everything with your mobility skill, which is a crazy different playstyle compared to other classes.

The closest to this would be a Dancing Strike Rogue or maybe a Shift into Shadow Cascade Rogue

Thats actually not a bad idea at all… I am already using the Lightning converted version of the Firebrand Flamereave build and am already using Static for the added boost… It hits like a truck but is a little lethargic… I was trying to use Surge to get more mobility swapping out Statc … but will have to see if swapping Flame Reave for Surge as the main nuke is comparable…

I would say it’s probably not the best build overall, but just the fact that it is very different from a gameplay perspective made it very interesting for me.

People that know me, know i like the weird hipster builds, that nobody plays xD

So i would not get your hopes high, that is will be an oustanding build, but it’s definitely worth checking out, just for the gameplay experience.