Supporter Packs?

Hello there,

New player here, coming straight from Path of Exile. :slight_smile:

I love what you’re doing with the game so far and thus want to support the cause and buy a supporter pack. I tried the smallest pack first, but I get a “Transaction Limit” error that tells me the permanent item is already owned. Same with the $60 pack unfortunately.

I purchased the game recently via Steam and only now created a forum account. I did however click the “Redeem in Steam” option in the account tab.

Did I do something wrong or is this a site issue?

Thanks in advance and keep it up!

EDIT: So apparently it took a while to process. I received a Juvenile pet in game, but I still cannot upgrade my supporter pack.

The support team are swamped at the moment due to the release of the Rogue in 0.8, so unfortunately you’ll have to wait to upgrade your pack (I sent in my request to upgrade on the 2nd December & haven’t heard from them yet).

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