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Supporter packs without BETA 🤔


I did support the game on kickstart and I have BETA access.

If i like to buy another pack but don’t need to get into BETA again, so is there a change to have supporter packs that have the same content or other for people that already have BETA access or away to gift the beta access to another person but keep the coins/pets/etc.?

Best, Serpa

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I am interested in buying a pet only pack as well for the beta pets.

If not is it possible to buy a pack and give the game/beta access to a friend?

No. You cannot gift part of a pack to a friend.

I wish I could do the opposite.

I would love to buy a pack for around $15 that just included BETA, without the pets/cosmetic points/soundtrack.

I want to support and try the game, I just don’t want the extra stuff it’s not for me.

Looks like I’m out of luck.

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