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Supporter pack upgrade

Hi, is there a way i can upgrade to Ancient Gladiator so I can start playing? I had no idea the Alpha was already closed and was not reading thoroughly on forums before purchasing. thanks.


If you would to discuss an upgrade, please e-mail us at

The $35 Ancient Gladiator includes beta access (ETA: April), and the $50 Ancient Champion pack includes alpha access (this is the game’s current stage of development).

Hi Sarno,

Just want to ask why can’t I access Alpha play right now? thanks, will decide after i try the gameplay.


I’m not seeing any packs purchased by your account which include alpha access.

We do have freely available demos from our pre-alpha stage of development. You can find the latest version of these linked to from this KickStarter Update if you’d like to play it.

If you’d like to discuss your purchase further, please send us an e-mail. Thanks!

I did purchase Ancient traveler and it says order has been completed on my account. It was also reflected on my bank transaction last 25th January, will try the link you provided.

Thanks mate.

To clarify - the Ancient Traveler pack is a prepurchase of the finished game.

Last Epoch is currently in alpha, and alpha access is not included in the Ancient Traveler pack. I’m going to lock this thread, but we would be happy to discuss your purchase further with you if you send us an e-mail, as I have already said a couple of times. :slight_smile: