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Support Pack upgrade

Hi @Last Epoch - Team,
a year ago I already tried to upgrade my Support Pack to a higher tier. However, at this stage, it was not possible. I monitored the upgrading situation closely and was unaware that it had changed. Now with 0.9 around the corner and closer to the release, I’d like to ask if this will be available again or if there was a turn of direction?

A great start to your week and looking forward to multiplayer finally coming around :slight_smile:


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No change as yet…

The devs have mentioned on Discord that they can handle buying multiple packs as gifts and upgrades but ONLY directly through them (not Steam or any other game service) and its 100% a manual process via their support system right now so its not efficient.

Wthout them officially replying here, I’d open a support ticket and see what they say… worse case, is they ask you to wait a while longer…