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Support of player made challenges via game design (links provided)


I tried to post this when the forums weren’t working quite a few months ago and with my master’s semester over (and final semester as well), figured I’d have some time to dive back into last epoch.

I love to play my own way. Utilize a specific skill, equipment loadout, etc. Regardless of the end strength. But one of the best ways for me to also do this is via randomizing some stuff and throwing it in a pile and seeing what I can work with.

In D2 the normal-exceptional-elite mechanic was an awesome way to do this. It allowed a very fun and tournament I ran on the D2II net forums for around five years. The skill trees are awesome and already support this the way they are being developed, loot I am not sure though. Is there going to be some sort of this weapon is the better part of this one normal-elite etc?

For what I’m referring to as a challenge take a look at the tournament I ran for a few years:

Random Tournament

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