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Support builds for co-op

Hi friends, with co-op on the horizon I thought I’d share my intial take on a support-focused character.

It’s pretty generic, using Multishot with the all-arrows-can-hit node to proc as much as possible.
Currently the following ailments are covered:

  • Slow
  • Blind
  • Armor Shred
  • Doom
  • Fraility
  • Dodge Reduction
  • Critical Strike Vulnerability

Since we have very little damage most of our sustain is handled through Dodge, Glancing Blows w/ Dusk Shroud stacks & Healing Effectiveness combined with Marksman’s *Draining Arrow node.
Any ideas to make this sort of character more effective?

Don’t forget the health on glancing blow passive & prefix.

I can’t wait to play a support mage that pumps mana to an ally, so he can use a heavy damage dealing build that can’t be sustained solo.

Mage also has great defensive and utility tools.

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