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Sunforged Cuirass, chance when hit discussion

Hi there,
I was trying to make a build around the sunforged set. Currently lvl 69.
I’m not sure if it’s a bug, or works as intended, but I’m not able to barely get any forged weapons from the “chance to forge a weapon when hit” tag of the body armour.

To be a bit more specific, I tried it several times to stand in the middle of like 20-40 mobs not even moving and just tanking “hits”, while not getting any or barely getting to 1-2 weapons maximum (testd for up to roughly 2mins just standing there.
I’m aware of the 2s cooldown of this mod but it still feels way off. clearing echoes isn’t an issue at all since you can manually forge a lot of weapons (forge strike), but bosses right now are a pain, because I only get to like 3 weapons at most.

Has anyone else expierenced similar things or am I missing something?

this was my rough build idea so far, in case that makes any difference (currently skills on lvl 18)

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I made a build with on Sunforged set, too.

The chance to forge a weapon when hit is way too low to be useful. Don’t expect this effect to forge more than 2 forged weapons for you as it is too unreliable. You can try summoning Forged Weapons with Warpath and Multistrike.

This is the biggest with Forged Weapons. There are no perfect ways to summon Forged Weapons. By that I mean all means that summon Forged Weapons have issues.

  • Forge Strike: Not useful during 1vs1 boss fight.
  • Warpath: Reliable, but takes too long to summon each Forged Weapon, and mana regeneration is a problem.
  • Multistrike: Requires you to attack multiple times.
    • Heated Forge node: Losses all armament stacks.
    • Forgemastery node: Not very reliable, and only useful on very high attack speed weapon.
  • Rive: Way too unreliable to be useful.
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hmm interesting, ty.
I haven’t really looked into other options yet to summon them. I really thought at first the chest piece would be enough to sustain a decent amount if you’re tanking some hits on purpose.

I thought adding some minion life could solve the issue of them dying before I get my smelters wrath off, but if I can’t even get them to spawn fast enough, so there’s no point yet.

what confuses me most is, I’m getting hit so much, yet I stay on 1-2 minions. I just had up to 120 stalwart stacks (increased armor per recent hit or sth) and I wasn’t getting past 1 weapon. oh well

Imho, this is unfortunately the state of Set items in LE right now… They seem like they would be cool and effective to create a build around, but in practise they fall short… Especially when compared to other options with Uniques/Legendaries and even plain Exalts as BiS items…

This is doubly noticeable when you realise that these items are 60.68.70 level requirements - ie. they can only be used when you have effectively completed the campaign and are pushing higher level end-game content and are already begining to find better drops…

So, yes, it could be improved by removing the cooldown and improving the chance for forged weapons to spawn, but even then, its unlikely to make these worth that much more - especially for the end-game…

Sorry to be a bah humbug here but Sets are so dissapointing in general for me… and its annoying because I really like the concept… Thankfully the devs have commented numerous times that they know Sets need some love… so we can only wait and see…

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I’m not sure if Sunforged set is meant to be like this. I gave up using the chest piece and Forge Strike for summonning Forged Weapons as soon as I realize they aren’t enough.

The armor set has its potential as long as you can sustain enough Forged Weapons. For minion survivability, I recommend taking Shield Crafter node located at the end of Forge Guard tree. You can also try out items like Arboreal Circuit ,Ribbons of Blood or Julra’s Obsession.

I can’t say much about the current state of set items, but I’m sure that Sunforged set has its own issue.

thanks for the ideas, but yeah I think something’s off with that set. Maybe I’ll revisit it later on.

yeah I get your point. Personally I don’t mind if set pieces are not BiS for a certain ability as long as they offer a viable and different approach or playstyle.

So I won’t comment on the quality of the mod or the set as a whole.

I just took a look at the code and then gave it a test in game and everything seems to be working right to me. After some very brief testing with 4 Voidforms hitting me in Last Refuge Outskirts, I sustain anywhere from 2-6 weapons. And to be clear, it’s not like I’m always at 2 and then spike to 6 for a brief moment, it’s mostly sitting at 4-5. This is the expected amount in this situation.

Yip… Lots of discussions about this in other threads so not going to continue here but yes - thats what I believe Set items should be… something that enables something totally different / out of what would be considered ordinary for a class/mastery… for me Sets are more suited to that with Uniques & Legendaries being more individually powerful in a traditional build way… but anyway… as I said… discussed ad infinitum elsewhere…

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ty for trying it out. I was recording 2 attempts as well, 1 in last refuge outskirts and 1 in blood, frost and death mono. I think I got once to 4 stacks. I had a better recording (3mins), but wasn’t able to upload it. same result. idk, maybe its an interaction with passive skills I took or sth else I’m missing that prevents me from getting more.


After a bit testing, I think the problem might have something to do with Ring of Shield, which draws enemy aggression and block hits for you. In other words, you are getting less hit from enemies. In my case, I usually equipped Arboreal Circuit, which summons Illusory Tree that also draws enemy aggression.

This is my gameplay without Arboreal Circuit:

I get a few forged weapons when surrounded by enemies. But it is quite inconsistent, so it is still recommended to use Warpath or Multistrike for summoning forged weapons. Usually, you’ll need at least 8 forged weapons for decent damage and survivability.