Summoner bug-Primalist

I just found : The Fang amulet, which gives +1 to maximum wolfs. I have the +1 wolf in the tree, which should allow me to summon 3 right? Doesnt. I can only summon 2 and my sabertooth,(also have the +1 companion) tried on discord, ppl are saying that shouldent be right, so i should take it here

I have found the same issue. Tried it on a fresh character so no bonus’s from the wolf specialization yet and cannot summon the additional wolf. Side note, the bonus damage is working fine

Is this still an issue? We fixed at least one bug with The Fang. Thanks!

With only +1 companion, your maximum is 3 total. Thus, you can either have 3 wolves, or 2 wolves and a sabretooth, unless you get some more +max companions.
The fang doesn’t increase your max companion limit.

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