Summoned Wolf persisting after removed from skill bar

I switched from Summon Wolf skill on the skill bar to Summon Storm Crow while in town. So when I entered a new area, I’m guessing whatever checks to make sure any minions that shouldn’t be summoned are unsummoned failed to catch my wolf. As you can see in the screenshot, I don’t have the skill on the bar, yet I do have a summoned Primal Wolf. Just letting you know in case it’s something you needed to catch for snapshotting shenanigans.

Expected behavior: Removing the Summon Primal Wolf skill from skill bar should cause the Primal Wolf to no longer exist as a Summoned Companion.

Actual Incorrect Behavior: The Summoned Primal Wolf persists if removed from skill bar while still in town.

To reproduce:

  1. Summon a Primal Wolf.
  2. Enter town area.
  3. Remove Primal Wolf skill from bar by placing a different skill in its place (I used Storm Crows).
  4. Leave town. This has reproduced the wolf still persisting for me. In fact, entering town area again and then entering a live gameplay area the wolf is still persisting. It is not just graphical, either. It’s attacking and taking damage as well.

Can’t include a relevant log file. There is no file in the AppData/LocalLow/EleventhHourGames/LastEpoch location with a time stamp anywhere near when I caught this issue, and I don’t see anything labeled as a log file anyway. There’s a temp file, version file, Player, Player-prev, and le_graphicsmanager. Those are the only files located in that directory as of my posting. The folders in that directory weren’t specified as the location I should find the log file in, and there are no files in those which have been modified since three hours ago.

I do have at least have this screenshot.

Good luck with this one.

EDIT: Relogging has fixed the issue, however it is still possible to reproduce following the steps outlined above. This impacts the companion limit as well. As you can see in this new screenshot, I now can have three Storm Crows instead of the two I had before when the wolf persisted:

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