Summoned skeletons with low health

I know this suggestion has been brought up in the past but, I would love when re-summoning a skeleton it could kill off the one with the least amount of health and replace it with the new skeleton.

Curious if this has been talked about recently as I only found suggestions on this topic.

As far as I’m aware, it will always unsummon the older similar summon you have. So if you summon #1-#3 and you can only have 3, summoning more will unsummon skelly #1, then #2, etc.

Unsummoning lowest health would kinda be nice but I doubt that will happen, mostly due to performance issues. It’s easier to just replace the oldest one then checking all summons and seeing which has the lower health.

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Yeah that makes sense, especially if it could cause performance issues by checking skeleton health each time the skill is cast.

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I think, too, there’s a bit of intentional ‘disposability’ at play here. One of the design features of Acolyte minions is their NOT designed ‘thematically’ to be ‘permanent.’ So they’re fairly low cost to ‘keep active’. I think this is a trade off, vs. power vs. stability…etc, that sometimes the ‘good’ ones get sacrificed’ for the ‘new ones.’

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