Summon Vines scaling?

It’s kind of hard to do testing with Summon Vines (on Spriggan Form), and I just have a few questions about how Huntersbane works. This is the node that makes Vines shoot Spirit Thorns instead of slapping things.

  1. Do they lose their base 100% chance to poison? At least I think Vines have a base chance to poison, based on “Vines are melee minions that poison on hit” in their description.

  2. Does Nightshade (Vines Poison Chance: 20% per point) apply?

  3. Do the Vines still get 4% chance to poison per point of attunement?

  4. Spirit Thorns gets 4% freeze rate multiplier per point of attunement. If you take Ice Branch, which converts both Vines and Spirit Thorns to cold and gives them a freeze rate, does the attunement scaling of freeze rate multiplier on Spirit Thorns apply to Thorns fired by Vines?

Tested it real quick:
(Btw the best way to test the Vines is when you go to Dummy far left at Champions’ Gate that ‘‘counts as an enemy’’. Your Vines will automatically attack the dummy, because on all other dummies you cant use Minion Attack Command)

  1. It seems like, yes. I didnt have guaranteed poison stacks anymore on each attack with ranged Vines. So this 100% base poison chance only applies to melee vines.
  2. This seems to work properly. I could see the difference once putting all 5 points into it.
  3. This does NOT work! Tested alot with switching gear/melee/range.
  4. Didn’t test it but because of 3) i dont think so.

Found this:

Interesting… This makes me wonder what’s going on under the hood. It could well be that the scaling of Spirit Thorns (4% damage, 4% freeze multiplier per attunement) overrides the scaling of Summon Vines (4% damage, 4% poison chance per attunement) when Huntersbane is being used. Unfortunately I don’t know if it’s realistic to test this, since the freeze multiplier math is a bit obtuse.

As for them losing their base 100% chance, the entry for Poisonous Vine on Last Epoch Info says that’s part of its melee attack, and not an attribute of the vines themselves. So that much makes sense, even if the in-game tooltip doesn’t make it clear at all.

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