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Summon Thorn Totem - Grove Mind

Hello EHG! So I’d like to provide feedback about the Grove Mind node for Summon Thorn Totem. It’s the node that summons your max number of totems at once. Currently it summons your totems in a circle, as indicated in the node.

However when it meets with obstructed terrain, it will only summon totems in the circular shape that are on open ground. HOWEVER, it still has the increased mana cost of a 5 totem summon, yet can summon anywhere from 1-5 on obstructed terrain. This is build-killing for certain maps, as we need the +12 mana that happens when a totem gets unsummoned (per totem).

So I would suggest and recommend one of two solutions. My preferred solution would be to instead summon all 5 totems in any position possible per cast, irrespective of the circle positioning the node requires. When on open ground it will default to circle, but when obstructed will just summon totems on top of each other.

The second solution is to fix the mana cost per totem summoned. If it fails to cast all 5 totems, you get the partial cost back per totem not summoned correctly.

That is my feedback and suggestion, and thank you for your time, and for the game. Thanks!

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Ive encountered this and its pretty annoying, I think the first fix might be better as it also opens up opporunity to get higher DPS due positioning instead of coding a refund mechanic

Im going to be blunt and say they are probably aware but its not a big enough issue to tackle as totems are pretty unpopular in this game, if it was Warpath issue it would get fixed much quicker as many more people play it

I pretty much made the same thread about this buggy node 3 months ago.

The community testers mentioned the devs are aware of it (3 months ago), but i’m surprised this obvious bug ,which is easy to reproduce, is not fixed yet.

How long do they need to fix it?
This node is atleast buggy for half a year or something and makes it borderline unplayable.

Damn you really did make the exact same thread xD Last time I reported a bug they actually fixed it within a few days, so maybe they’ll do the same this time!

For my totem builds I never select this node, not only due to the bugs (there is more than one bug with this node) and the mana cost. In some situations the circle is not large enough, others it is too big, and the projectiles miss more than hit. Mana recovery is horrible without tempest strike which is another skill I find totally useless in a practical sense. This skill is (was) due for the primalist/shaman rework. The other thing is that the Shaman is missing their highest level skill, so there is more to come with that.