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Summon Thorn Totem Bug interaction with Ruin Skitters

Operating System: N/A

Detailed description: Ruin Skitters cannot be damaged by Summoned Thorn Totems. Projectiles appear to fly over them.

What were you doing at the time?

Casting Summon Thorn Totem against Ruin Skitters.

How consistently does this happen?

Happens all the time, most easily recreated in the Ruins of Welryn side area where you do the “Sane” Cultists Quest. Don’t know if the skill specialization had any affect on this bug, but I
have had the Homing shot skill node selected.

Your system information: N/A

Your log file: N/A

I’ll try to remember to get information for the fields filled with N/A completed once I get off work, but i often only think of these problems I come across while I’m at work :smiley:

Thanks for the report!

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