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Summon Spriggan Vile and Festering Orb question

Does anyone know if the Summon Spriggan nodes Vile Orb and Festering dubbel dip?

I mean, if an enemy both is poisoned and bleeds and Vile Orb does 200% against poisoned enemies, Festering Orb does 200% against bleeding enemies, does the Orb now do 400% damage?

Or should i just pick one of the node’s?

Well… EHG just announced the Druid overhaul updates for 0.8.4 and said that they are changing everything in some way or another… I dont think anyone can actually answer your question until 0.8.4 with all the druid changes drops - anything that works now may not even exist in the next update…

Yeah, that is true. It might all change soon. I also hope they give some better options for leeching with Viper Strike.

Patch might still be a way off though. Im hoping 2 weeks, but could just aswell be 6 weeks.

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Yes they do stack.

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Not sure they said they were changing everything about the Druid, mainly the forms, I don’t remember they saying anything about the Spriggan companion.

Thx, Then i can specc for bleeds aswell in the wolf and scorpion trees :slight_smile:

Suppose only they know until later today/tomorrow their time… Spriggan Form Rework is the next update coming…

Yes, Spriggan Form:

not Summon Spriggan:

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