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Summon Spriggan needs movement improvement

As the title states, i feel like the movement of the summon spriggan pet in particular needs some improvement. The pet starts moving some moments after the character and always stops behind it. Since the pet has more movement speed than the char, the pet catches up to the char, stops, stands still for some moments and catches up again - repeating this process while the char is constantly moving, resulting in some kind of of stop and go stutter movement from the pet.
This more often than not results in the pet starting to attack single random monsters that are in its proximity, while the char keeps moving to the actual pack, rare or elite, leaving the pet behind.
Even holding down the A Key for pet direction doesnt solve this problem. I noticed this in other pets too, to some degree. But with the spriggan in particular it felt super annoying and kinda buggy when its your only pet.
Maybe give the pet more room around the char to stand/follow, rather than only behind the char. Or adjust the movespeed of the pet while in proximity to the char so if the char is moving, the pet is also constantly moving.
Im rocking the machine gun spriggan werebear build and am pretty reliant on the pet doing all the damage. Especially in Monoliths this behaviour slows down the progression significantly and makes the pet get stuck behind corners etc. resulting in unnecessary backtracking or redirecting. If the pet would follow the char in a continuous manner, the positioning could be done way more precise and direct.
Let me know what you think