Summon Spriggan and it's problems

I am playing a Cold DOT Spriggan build
I use Summon Spriggan for its buffs and abilities
HOWEVER, it’s main use… the healing aura cannot be turned on at all while in Spriggan form
Which for me, means I NEVER get to use it
Now I have taken pretty much every defensive option possible for my “Companion”
It just dies… all the damn time
It’s unenjoyable as hell to invest heavily in defensive options for this summon, and watch it be useless as hell in Empowered Monos
It’s also useless in boss fights and always dies
I feel like overall this summon is not good, not being able to use the healing aura in Spriggan form is awful… and overall just a complete let down for all Druid players

My Suggestions are that

#1 - The Spriggan should automatically cast the aura
This allows players who stay in their Primal Forms to get defensive usefulness and something from the Sprigg
Even if it dies, you will REALLY want this companion back up

#2 - Make the Spriggan VASTLY tankier… if you’re not gonna let me use the healing aura ever… while in a Primal Form… then at least let him be tanky… the nodes that make him defensive don’t make him defensive enough

Till either is addressed, I don’t see a reason why anyone should bother using this skill… it’s a let down

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Wanted to add that I have tried more companions

All of them seem to have this issue… that if you don’t FULLY invest your entire build in minions/summons etc… that they just wont stay alive

They die all the time and even if you go fully defensive into their skill points its still a problem

This basically means that companions are unusable for characters that are not playing a companion build

This results in more limited builds and options when making a build