Summon skeletal mages (pyromancers)

i use the pyromancers instead of the mages and i took all the poison chance i could from the tree (i have no poison chance anywhere else) after some time of me playing they start doing poison stacks to mobs instead of ignite stacks

Hi and welcome!
Did you check your gear/idols/passives?
Points into Putrid Demise, Dominion of Rot, Rotting Army?
Is there maybe another minion dealing poison dmg?

well at the beginning after i summon only 1 pryo mage they do only burn stacks but after awhile they start doing poison i do not have any poison chance for minions on an item/idol/passive

they do the poison stacks instead of the ignite stacks

Can you upload your character in the Build Planner? We will immediately see where the problem is.
I just checked again myself, Pyros are doing Ignite stacks as intended. Do you have a skillpoint into ‘Inferno’ in the Skeli Mage tree?

Does that change how Pyromancer’s behave & makes them able to do poison stacks instead of ignite?

Ok i could reproduce OP’s problem and will add it into Bug Report.
When you are specced into Pyromancers and let them constantly auto attack the dummy, you can see that they do ignite stacks.
Once you put a point into any other node of Skeletal Mages skilltree they immediately lose their ignite chance and it will switch back to poison stacks.
@Shinku you probably leveled with Skeli Mages and specced into Pyromancers, you continued your progression and put more points into Skeli Mage tree while they were still alive.
So always make sure to recast your skelis whenever you put more points into the passives or skilltree because of current Snapshotting problems in the game.


Actually, I checked that node with the dummy recently and they were definitely stacking poison, still. Since I have no minion poison gear or nodes (just Armor Shred, Mark and Flame Resisist Shred) I assumed it was a useless node. Why take a DoT with no dmg increases over cast speed and survivability?

EDIT: Okay, so any point you add to mage after speccing into flame mage you need to resummon, even if those points are in flame rot. Otherwise the dmg type resets to poison.

I love my pyromancers