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Summon scorpion question

when converting summon scorpion poison chance into frostbite chance with the cold blooded node, does this convert the active ability venom nova into a freeze type nova? or would venom nova continue to poison as the tool tip says.

I wouldn’t think so but I could probably test it later. It mentions changing poison chance → frostbite chance but the nova might be automatic and thus not a chance?

This is what I mean btw that some of the nodes need a LOT better clarification when some mechanic changes something within the tree. There are way too many nodes out there with this same problem that it’d just take a little wording fix to be a lot more clear.

None of the conversions change the active poison nova.

While I would not dislike a more detailed Tooltip, there are way more important Tooltip that need updates first.

The Tooltip of the conversion nodes are pretty clear, there is no mention of the active poison nova.
So these nodes do exactly what they are stating.

Just this. That said, a frost scorpion sounds cool as hell lol.

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