Summary after almost 200 hours since release

I am 41 years old and also H&S/ARPG veteran gamer.
I played thousands of hours of diablo 2. titan quest, sacred/sacred 2, diablo 4, less in diablo 3/poe and I like LE very much.

LE has a huge number of builds, skills and possibilities. Often when you find the new unique item you want to try a new build:)

Bad thing - online mode was unplayable, and now there is still a lot to improve. That’s why I can evaluate the offline mode - the main reason that I bought it right away - I am old dated and I value my time very much so as i don’t want to waste it at queues and loading screens.

LE has the one of the best crafting system, which makes itemization great, only set items need rework

Next great feature - SSF mode/offline faction - COF - needs some tweaks but generally very good idea - especially for me - i like to play a lot of different classes/masteries. Don’t like to grind one character to BiS gear.

I like only one endgame activity - monoliths, dungeons are boring and must the time U are searching for passage to boss. I didn’t push corruption too much because I must start from begin with each character. Arena needs to be shorter in time and/or difficulty should be rising much faster - but I generally don’t like such activities.

I don’t like that to forge legendary every time U need to play boring dungeon - for me U should unlock forging LP once per cycle - killing julra t1 - unlocks fp1 etc

Force to play campaign with every alt character made me give up on LE for now - but i will come back in future

You can see that the new classes and skills are much better than the old ones - but U can play them when not pushing too much

Game is bad optimized - Unity engine my old “friend” - especially online on high end PC there are FPS drops to 15-20 (5800x 32gb ram rtx3080)

EHG - good job - keep doing it

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This is actually a good point. You should be able to select at which corruption you want to start if you already grinded to a certain amount on another char.
I actually stopped playing a rather nice build because of that.
I dont see a point in pushing from 200 to 600 with a new build if i already had it.
Also you should be able to lock the blessings in a bank or smth if you get them and choose to switch if you want after that. over all chars.
There is no need to make every char from scratch.
I think they did this because there isnt much content right now and if you allow those points much of the grind gets lost. But for the future this would be nice.

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