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Suicide Squad / Sacrifice Wraith Necromancer / AKA Screen Shaking Simulator 2022

I’m back at it with a homebrew meme build for y’all. This is my attempt at making Sacrifice into a viable “build-defining” ability. I’m 99% sure this build would be “better” without sacrifice, but I’m 100% sure this is still fun :slight_smile: (and somehow endgame viable)

I am aware that there are a dozen better ways to use zombies and corpse parasites than this, but I enjoyed cobbling this together, and I hope it inspires someone else to try and make some weird clunky skills functional.


This build is NOT leveling-friendly. I BEG you to level to at least 65 (probably with regular Volatile Zombies) before trying to do this. The main sacrifice mechanic doesn’t really come together until all your skills are at least level 16-17, and IDEALLY you would have +2 levels to Sacrifice and +2 levels to Volatile Zombie to take this into high-level monoliths.

There are ways to kind of make this “work” without drain life, but it ultimately ends up spacing out the sacrifice explosions enough that it’s no longer a sacrifice build, it’s more like you’re using meat shields to stall for mana so you can do a big explosion every once in a while.

For those who would rather read than watch, we are basically speccing into everything we can to make our minions spawn other minions when they die, and using volatile zombies to cast Sacrifice onto our other minions.

In the meantime, Rip Blood and Drain Life are used for mana sustain, and since we never need to cast Sacrifice manually, we still have a spot for Transplant on the hotbar.


Sacrifice and Volatile Zombie both deal physical damage, and all our minion attacks deal physical damage, so gearing is quite straightforward. You basically just need phys damage / spell damage / standard crit gear, and 1 source of minion bleed chance on your gear (1 small idol or the Acolyte passive tree is enough) and you’re golden. Armor shred and phys pen are ultimately necessary to push endgame monoliths, but luckily we have armor shred on our tree, and 20+ minions swinging at once shred a lot of armor.


  1. We put Summon Wraith and Volatile Zombie on autocast
  2. The zombies kill themselves along with our other minions, spawning more minions (and hopefully more zombies) along the way
  3. We spam Rip Blood and Drain Life everywhere to keep our mana up as the constant summoning and spell cascades are quite mana intensive

There are a few little tips and tricks to help it come together, but they’re much easier shown than typed- so if you made it this far and are actually thinking about trying this, I’d encourage you to give the video a quick watch.

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions, and thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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