Suggestios - Respec & Craft Mats


To start, great game, having a lot of fun.

Here are my suggestions for QoL improvements:

Right now is a “pain in the ass” to respec. Would be very good if we had a button to respec all the passive points and take it out the “ok” button to respec 1 point, only slow us down.
Second, the skill tree, would be VERY good if we needed to lvl up one skill one time, and if i want to change 1 point of place, i just did that without have to lvl up that point or the whole skill tree aggain. Like this, you guys are not making people to try-out new and different things, just following a guide.

Crafting Mats:
Please, make us grab the craft mats on the floor just by passing on top and take it out the “Transfer material” on your inventory. Why we have to collect them and then occupy space in the inventory and then send it to there right place? Just make them go directly there.

Thank you.

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Yeah I agree

This game has a lot of useless buttons.
Material transfer button is one of them.

Another one is When you craft, you cant “right click” scrolls and other items, there special button “remove” for it.
A lot of windows are too big and they dont close so you need to manually press “X”

Good games with a lot of QoL features spoiled us gamers