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Last Epoch Suggestions; nothing earth-shattering here; no major changes to gears, skills, passives, no complains, etc. just honest, plain suggestions:

A token to respec Mastery (not Base Class; only Mastery). The token could be a reward only after completing Monolith lvl 55, 62, 68, 75, 80, 90, 100. This way, the total number of respect tokens would be very limited.

A token (rare drop or a rare reward) to repair a fractured item.

For the experience bar under the skills, please add a numerator and denominator

Character ©: Experience: add a numerator and denominator (numerator: progress so far; denominator: required xp to reach the next level)

The summoned Spriggan AI needs some love. The Spriggan needs to better follow the main character, or alternatively add a node in its skill tree to determine the distance from your main. At the moment, I feel my Spriggan is always too far from me. My Spriggan is usually outside the Entangling Roots.

Spriggan : How large is his healing aura?

Some Skills/Nodes tool tips need a bit more information: the word “allies” needs to be better defined: Are “allies” restricted to minions, companions, and presumably players in upcoming multiplayer OR does it include the main as well? (Aura of victory, Imbued sap, etc.).

Sort item: sort by alphabetical order

In Skills and Specialization, there is a very useful Search Nodes function. I would suggest implementing a similar search function for the passives to allow us to search with our own keywords (mana, ranged, melee, armor, resistance, fire, physical, etc.).

I assume you missed it, but it’s located at the bottom right of the passive tree.


Many thanks Andrew;; Yes, I did did miss it. Cheers!

Wow i actually had to launch the game to make sure it’s there, i never noticed that lmao. Very well hidden indeed.

One suggestion would be to have the search box in the same location on all such windows. It’s at the top of some and at the bottom of others.

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Yes, that would be good.

A few more minor suggestions:

Please allow us to link gears in chat (I’m pretty sure you’re working on it)

In werebear form, I’d like to be able to assign the four new abilities to the keys of my choice like we can in normal form (to me, Charge would come first (Q key), before the other abilities). I know I could do it through the Input Interface. But I would have to undo it when I change to normal form.

Please add a counter for total gold amassed since lvl 1 (I may have 250k atm, but I bought 25+ stash tabs, respect passives numerous times to try different builds and gambled quite a bit).

Add a counter for number of deaths since lvl 1.