I had a couple of suggestions.

  1. Add a page that showed exactly how much damage a spell will do with your current gear. You can’t always tell how much damage you do or what the best spell is when there are things like adaptive damage and different multipliers from gear. Special effects from uniques are sometimes tough to evaluate.

  2. Instead of running monoliths, dying, then having to start over from scratch, why not just bump the character down 5 timelines? Starting over at 0 is a real bummer.

  3. The instability of items adds up too fast, even using the guardian and stability items. After grinding out many levels of monoliths and finally finding a decent item, it really sucks that it breaks so easily. You have to find things that are already almost perfect before you can even start to forge it, otherwise, it’s a waste of time and resources to even try.

  4. The sheer number of random affixes on items dropping is too great. It’s next to impossible to find the items that will be upgrades among all the trash you have to leave lying around. Most items are completely worthless and can’t even be sold for more than a few coins. It slows down game play to glance at each item for useful affixes to sunder or to find the actual item you need. I hate to admit this, but it actually bothers me to leave a bunch of magical items laying in the dirt.

  5. Give the ability to customize a character’s appearance.

Even with some negative thoughts, I still like to play the game. The thing that bothers me the most is the crafting system. It’s such a pisser to see an item shatter after getting only half the affixes put into it that I wanted.

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Tooltip DPS is on their list of things to do.

This is their death penalty, every aRPG has some way of punishing you if you die.

Also, every game has multiple layers of RNG to stop you gearing up & gaining power too quickly. From getting the desired bases to drop, with (some of) the desired affixes and decent rolls (on the affixes & the implicit). Given Last Epoch’s crafting, that you can add the affixes you want to any non-unique, makes it easier (IMO) to get the gear you want compared to D3 (the RNG is entirely in the drop) & PoE (RNG on a base dropping & then you spam the various crafting mats until it’s 6 affixes roll good enough) there needs to be some mechanic to slow you down just getting a base & rushing it up to 4xt5 affixes of the ones you want & that’s instability/fracturing. With some luck you can get 2-3 t5 affixes on a white item, but you do need 2-3 of the affixes you want already on the item if you want to get up to 4xt5 affixes.

A loot filter is also on their list of things to do.

Yeah, that would be nice & they have been improving this as they go.

Is it better or worse than in PoE when you craft an item and it has some good affixes (with bad tiers/rolls) and some bad affixes, or lots of good affixes, but bad rolls? For me, I find that incredibly offputting so I very rarely craft in PoE other than to add a single affix to round out my resists (for example), since I’ve never had the currency to “properly” craft an item (with the various “cannot roll prefixes/suffixes” bench mod), or just spamming chaos/essences/fossils/etc. I really like being able to choose which affixes to put on an item with the downside of being potentially ****ed over on how powerful I can make it.

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