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These are some suggestions after playing throught first chapter with my Acolyte/Necromancer. I have read some of the feedback threads but not all, so some things may already have been brought up elsewhere.

  • Equip items by right-clicking them in the inventory.

  • Dialogue with several options for the player, like “Accept / Refuse”. Each options vertical clickable area is very small, so when you want to click on your choice, you have to “fine-tune” your mouse movement. Maybe increase the vertical clickable area (there seems to be alot of vertical “dead” space to use in the dialogue box. Or make buttons of the choices.

  • Overlay map is way too zoomed in. Implement possibility to zoom in and out, or make it a fixed zoom level that is way more zoomed out than what it is now.

  • When i hover over a NPC, it’s name should show somehow. Would make completing quests easier.

While we sincerely taking the time, it’s much easier for us if you post about different topics in different forum threads. Especially when different topics belong in different places.

You’re right, sorry. I will move the bugs out of this thread and into their own separate bug thread.

This should be included in our next patch.

We’ve also been working on this!

It’s likely these this will also be ready in time for our next patch.

This is a known bug, which I believe we know the cause of.

Unfortunately it hasn’t yet been fixed internally, so is unlikely to be resolved in our next patch.

This is something we’ve started working on. Probably won’t be done in time for 6.1.


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Bugs posted in Bug Forum as separate issues, and original post of this thread adjusted accordingly.

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