Suggestions to make Sacrifice less centered around the very efficient node Chain Sacrifice


Sacrifice is a very pleasant skill to use, and very suitable for the Acolyte.

But everything revolves around the Chain Sacrifice node. No Sacrifice build can ignore this node.

  • It increases the cost of the Sacrifice by + 60%, but it instantly sacrifices an entire group of minions, which dramatically increases the damage, and dramatically reduces the total mana cost.

If for example I had to sacrifice 10 minions without Chain Sacrifice, I would have to cast the spell 10 times and pay 10 times as much! (a little cheaper, since a Sacrifice under Chain Sacrifice costs + 60% mana).

  • And it only costs three points to access it!

From there, it is only natural that the players do not have to worry about the marginal nodes. They simply increase the range of Sacrifice, to Chain it on a maximum number of Minions, and to make it a powerful damage spell with very large area damage.

Other negatives of Chain Sacrifice:

  • It sacrifices the Minions without distinction. Cannot use Chain Sacrifice if you are using an Abomination or Golem. It would be absurd to lose him all the time. AND SO, since Chain Sacrifice is essential to the effectiveness of Sacrifice, the result is that players have no possibility of seeking to use other minions than skeletons (if they use others Minions, those Minions will be Sacrified almost immediately due to Chain Sacrifice).

  • Second negative point that I invite you to think about: Dread Shade has a node called Final Grasp.

This node, moreover, is very expensive to fetch (9 points, unlike the 3 points of the fabulous Chain Sacrifice), allows you to cast three sacrifices per Minion having a Dread Shade which expires (or when the minion dies).

However, being able to sacrifice 3 minions is useless, since everyone uses Chain Sacrifice.
In addition, Chain Sacrifice, by killing other Minions under Dread Shades, will trigger Sacrifice in them as well, which is the goal. :slight_smile:

It follows here also that, Chain Sacrifice is here also a node that must be had, but that it makes the investment of 3 points in this node of Dread Shade superfluous. 1 point is enough.

Considering the arguments given, I would like you dear devs to please consider changing some Sacrifice nodes, in order to make strategies without Chain Sacrifice viable.
We can imagine nodes like:

  • Cooldown on x Seconds on Sacrifice. Buff the others Minions with X bonus. And Curse the close enemies with Bone Curse. Can’t work with Chain Sacrifice.

  • Sacrifice nodes to allow Sacrifice working only on Skeletons or Wraith, to avoid Sacrificating Golems / Abominations. Can’t work with Chain Sacrifice.


Hoping to be read and helpful,

Wait, it chains more than once? Other chain skills only hit one extra target per chain.

It chains indefinitively. For only +60 % mana cost (even not a doubling). :slight_smile:

Without this powerfull node, no one would play Sacrifice, it would be underpowered.

Never played the skill but have played Sacrifice playstyle on other aRPGs and yes it seems way too strong and mandatory in every single setup

coughs 50% less damage coughs

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Sounds like the problem is the skill itself, not the node.

If Sacrifice by default selects targets in an aoe, but the chain node turns it into a single target that chains 3 times in exchange for zero aoe. Then I suppose it would be balanced.

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