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Suggestions for Unqiues or Sets that are worth building around?

I’m nearing the end of my time playing my first character, an Aura of Decay Lich that I followed a guide for. Now that I’m more comfortable with the game and have acquired a stash of uniques and sets, I want to try making a new build, and perhaps try my hand at making one from scratch.

Without spoiling too much, it’d be nice to have some suggested uniques or sets to try building around. It doesn’t need to end up being a top tier build, I just want to know that I’m not wasting my time trying to build around something too weak or not well supported by other systems. Since I just played Acolyte, ideally it not something that only works well for Acolyte, although from seeing some of the necro changes coming soon, I’ll probably try coming back to the class at some point to try out some cool summoner builds.

Hey there,

this is a topic near and dear to my heart.

Playing new chars and building around uniques ist one of my most time sinks in this game and i have so much fun with it.

Since you don’t want to get spoiled to much i would just suggest names to you without giving any more details about any possible application.
If you check them out and feel like oyu don’t know what to do with them, feel free to get back to me and ask me.

First of i wanted to comment on:

There are some uniques that are not really top tier endgame uniques, but other than that with enough experience you can make basically any unique work in an endgame viable build.
The question now is what would be “viable” for YOU personally?

I think you can make builds with most of the uniques I will suggest here that can reach 150-200 corruption on empowered timeline easily.

So now to my suggestions:

  • Life’s Journey (Bandit Shield)
  • Gaspar’s Set (3-Piece MoF Timeline Set)
  • Zerrick’s Set (3-Piece Set)
  • Transitent Rest (Brigandine Boots)
  • Ignivar’s Head (Ashen Skull Catalyst)

These are just a few of many more suggestions.
Some of these have very clear playstyles, while others can be used very versatile with different kind of builds.
Some are offensive, some defensive build defining.

The first one i mentioned, Life’s Journey is a very cool unique that doesn’t look that exicitng on first glance if you are not familar with the associated skill.

I hope this gives you some ideas and feel free to ask if you need mroe suggestiosn or want to ask something about the suggestiosn i already have here.

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Thanks for the response. Question:

Does that use the skill tree for the item? Would that make me have to make it an acolyte?

Yes, as a rule of thum every item that tirggers/procs skills does use the skill spec tree (if applicable).

You don’t NEED to use Acolyte, but obviously that where alot of synergy and power comes from.

And Exsanguinous/Last Steps of the Living, obviously.
Ashen Crown.
Mhaelin’s Hubris.

Reign of Winter

I could suggest literally dozens more, but I just gave some of my personaly favorites.

While i do like the low health/ward enabling uniques, I don’t really find them THAT exciting compared to other uniques.
They don’t really change that much how you gear for most builds. (You still build HP + Ward Retention, which can also be the case on other builds that don’t use them).

Also when you list those 2 uniques you should also list Shroud of Obscurity which has an ridiculous strong effect, even though it’s defensively weaker than Exanguinous.

Could I request a sanity check on the build I’ve thrown together so far? Don’t necessarily need to get into optimizations since I figure I’ll feel that out as I go, but just want to check that I’m not doing anything that doesn’t work at all or make sense. Here’s what I got so far:

I guess the basic idea is to try to proc a lot of icicle from reign of winter and get frostbite on things with Troaka’s Teeth by using puncture and stacking up bleed and poison chance on hit where I can. Then I guess Multishot for more AoE and the others are utility, maybe leaning a bit too much into the build theme at the expense of some possibly needed stuff like mana support, but I guess I’ll see how much on an issue that is.

I’m guessing I end up trying to scale things with attack speed to get more procs, then maybe elemental damage to scale both the frostbite and the icicles?

Anything stick out as obviously not working the way I think it should?

I’m not very good to give an opinion about this.
I play one only build with the Marksman. Apart from that, I don’t like this mastery (and even the class, in fact). It’s the best designed class in the game, but I don’t like the “shoot and flee” gamestyle.
The only Marksman exception I found is this build, based on Reign of Winter:

The core skill is Detonating Arrow, which is a very nice skill.

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