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Suggestions for a controller

I’ve decided that I could probably do with a controller/gamepad, but the last one I had used a serial interface, so I’m a bit clueless. Any suggestions?

I’d go with a Logitech F710. I’ve not much to compare it with as I’m not the controller guy. I use(d) it for rocket league for a while but wen back to a PS3 controller as for an unknown reason I just played better with it than with the F710. But objectively I don’t know why.

I’ve always liked the Xbox controllers ever since the Controller S, though I absolutely hated the original’s Duke controller. I’ve used ever single Xbox controller since and their latest Series controller is probably the most refined version of the design.

That said, I also own a PS5 and I’ve never really liked the PlayStation controllers that came before, but their latest controller is also really nice. It has a bunch of tech in it that the Xbox controller doesn’t, even if I personally find some of that tech gimmicky, but it can feel quite revolutionary provided the game utilizes all its features in a sensical way. On the PC side, however, games that provide these type of implementations are very limited as few developers outside of the Sony exclusives on the platform really take advantage of it.

The Xbox Series controller could certainly benefit from some of the PS5 controller’s features, namely the haptic feedback that it and the Nintendo Switch controllers use, but I still really like it regardless.

I’ve got a Logitech F310 and it’s been pretty solid.

I just use a wired XBox One basic controller. It’s nothing flashy and has done me well for the last couple years, although the L/R triggers are starting to annoy me.

I hate the PS dualshock d-pads (buttons) but would prefer their shoulder button set up at this point.

Most PC-centric controllers I’ve used were junk (but that’s over a decade ago), so maybe they’ve upped their game and are a decent option now.