Suggestions / features I would love being added


This is features/life changing stuff I would love being added. Hope that some of them is in interest of many, but why not suggest some atleast.

  1. Things that could be cool to be added, is that rune is removed after the use of it, for instance the shatter rune, so that we dont have to click the clear button all the time, after its used on an item.

  2. Add the posibility to make the overlay map even smaller, like 50% more to have it in the upper left corner and save it to always be there. I don’t really use the minimap. Only overlay. It’s a “pain” to move it all the time. I want to see the overlay map totally in the left upper corner, far away from my face when I fight mobs.

  3. After you are invited to a group, It would be nice to be in the same phase as the ones that invites you, instead of teleporting to them. If also a teleport portal is in town that you can click on to port to your friend, that would be nice and convenient, since every friend is not in the same instance/dungeon, but you could easily port to them through their portal. This is something like what was implemented in Diablo 3 back in the days. The world would be more multiplayer-ish this way if some people want to play this mostly with their friends rather than mostly solo.

  4. When failing a dungeon key, it would be better to spawn right outside the entrance door, instead of needing to run all the way back. It’s not a long way to run back, but why not spawn right infront of it.

  5. Random dungeons could be added to randomly generate dungeons and spawn different mobs with different modifiers than knowing what to meet before joining dungeons. That way it will be fun, encouraging and a challenging just going blindly in each dungeon. This could be something for lategame or endgame to extend the lifetime of the game when waiting for a new season. It may or may not be the best idea for this game, but I loved it for farming gear, items and stuff in diablo 3 - like just pop a key in a stone from town and go straight into a random generated dungeon.

  6. Maybe add a weekly boss into the game that exist, to get a get a weekly reward loot - ONCE every weak. Don’t know if it will fit the game, but daily challenges for the faction you are in, which can increase dropchance on something for a pre-chosen dungeon or even that each day is set to have as daily dungon?

  7. Pressing on ALT or another modifier key when comparing items, could compare dropped item with the second-slot weapon/off-hand, so that I do not have to manually hover over my second slot weapon/off-hand and then hover over the item that dropped or is in the back.

  8. When comparing an item, it would be better if you could see on the tooltip of the items, how much the damage, crit, attackspeed, defence, affix would be decreased in damage/defence +++ in numbers or percentage. That way you don’t accidently equip something worse and destroy the better item put in back or even drop it. Would be faster if we could compare actual increase/decrease numbers on the tooltip when hovering and comparing. World of Warcraft have this on their tooltips, atleast with mods.

  9. Have a menu that you could click on, to select if you want to go into a monolith, key dungeon, arena or any other event, and then you get a list of events or dungeons to start and straight jump into them. That way we don’t have to look them up on the map, as all the things you can start and jump into in this game, is HUUUGE and alot (a good thing. Love this game). If even the challenges from the faction that you have bhought could pop on this menu and show which dungeon you have to go into to do them, that would be nice and an option to jump straight into that dungeon/event to finish that quest/challenge.

  10. What about a dungeon mode that lets you join a dungeon and complete it, but it doesn’t end their and you are given the option to jump to the next dungeon, but with higher difficulty. And you could always go back to town, but only after completing a dungeon and after given the question if you want to continue to the next dungeon, or go end the dungeon. It could be called something like “Timeless dungeons” and you can come back to the current time - but only after failing one dungeon, or completing one. Questions like “Do you want to continue to the next timeless dungeon?” Answers you need to click on: “Continue the journey to the next dungeon” (go to the next dungeon) and “Return to the current time” (back to town). Those could probably be like random dungeons.

I don’t have a number 10, but just some of my thoughts right now and suggestions.

Nvm, added a 10th suggestion too.

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