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Suggestion: Summon minions should visually powerful with points. This image shows how

I think that skeleton minions is lacking so flare that can make this game stand out compared to other ARPG. What i’m thinking is that summon skeletons gets visually more powerful with points.

The more you progress in the skill tree, there is a node that upgrades the skeleton to another tier.

for example:

  • More minion damage and health upgrades the tier.
    *a node that limits skeleton warrior or mage to 1. It upgrades to tier 3. Tier 3 is like a boss version of the summon.

I like this suggestion!

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Woooar that would be cool ! I’m so with you @Ryukenden !!!

Can’t say more than +1.
Would be a great addition no doubt!

Would you like it more if the skills had certain “upgrade” nodes that change the optics? Or base it simply on amounts of points spent? (Basic look until 10 Points, Advanced look from 10-16, Maxed Look from 16-20 for example)

I would leave the details to the devs, but implementation can be as simple as putting a node or revise a node featuring the upgrade somewhere along the branch.

I’m thinking is added more nodes (or reorganized the branch) so the upgrade will be a prerequisite for exclusive minion-only skills.

Maybe something like e.g give tier 3 cleave ability or whatever epic abilities that fits the minion archetypes.

+1 Indeed, Indeed.

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I’d support based on the upgrade, think if warriors got scythes when they unlocked reap.

While the idea is sound, creating content & animations multiple times for the same spell is costly for development of any game, let alone a small studio.

I’m not dismissing the idea, it makes perfect sense but I wouldn’t be holding out for it just yet…

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