Suggestion: Recolor/highlight glyphs, shards, runes in loot filter

I don’t even care about hiding these, but I’d like it to jump out at me when a good one falls so I don’t miss it while mapping.

There is already a default highlight for class specific ones (I think its orange) but my advice would be to just pick up all shards - other than the hassle of clicking on them (and they do suck up all close ones) - there is no downside to just collecting all as space is infinite. You also cannot farm them (thats best done through the shattering mechanic & lootfilter).

Nothing against improving the lootfilter to do what you suggest tho…

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Picking up shards you don’t need is wasted time that slows you down from farming items you actually want though. That’s why we use loot filters in the first place instead of checking every drop “just in case”.

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Gonna have to disagree here. Unlike reviewing items during a run (i.e. what the lootfilter is for), picking up shards doesnt slow down the game in any way for me - I simply click and carry on. I would prefer a larger pickup range to save a click but beyond that I see zero problem.

I have been playing LE for thousands of hours and I have never once actually looked what shards I am picking up - NOT ONCE. I havent looked recently but I must have 150k+ shards at least by now, there is nothing like “shards I dont need” because the forge store is unlimited and NOT picking up a shard doesnt make sense especially if you plan on playing alts or trying different build. The only time I care about shards is when I need them for a forge craft - and if I need any, I used the lootfilter to find items to shatter.

I see zero benefit in not picking up shards.

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Eh, clicking on stuff can get kinda finicky in this game + sometimes I have to go out of my way or backtrack if I wanna pick the shard up and it’d be nice to have my lootfilter help decide if it’s worth it or not.

True… Clicking is sometimes a little tricky and backtracking of any kind sucks balls (dont play Rogue Dark Quiver) but its generally ok for me.

Probably just gotten used to it personally, and I’d be lying if said I remebered if it were an annoyance or not when I first started playing.

There are various things that could improve QoL in LE, some the devs have agreed and others they have said dont match their design philosophy, but usually some sort of compromise prevails - eventually.

To go back to the topic. As I mentioned, I don’t oppose the idea of adding lootfilter capabilities for shards.


My thing is like, if a single shard drops across the screen away from where I’m going, I’d like to know at a very fast glance whether it’s worth picking up. I know the +skill ones already highlight, but that’s not even close to the full list of what I would like to grab.

Well, in this specific instance of the worth(time delay) of collecting a single shard, the devs have said that they are trying a different approach to this by changing things so that shards drop in larger quantities but less frequently. I.e. running back for one shard vs a group of shards. (cannot recall if they said when they may add this to the game though)

Not sure if this will resolve the issue entirely but it may make it more worthwhile to swing around and click to just hoover up whatever the shards are.

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