Suggestion : multiple build specialization template / auto pick up item list

  1. I’m not really want to pick up shard / glyph after I got familiar to it.
    I get it it’s exciting to get some item you have being hoping for, but for some player, they don’t want to manually pick up the item they have no interest to check what it is.

  2. This game is heavily depend on skill specialization, but leveling up for late game can be pain in the a*s.

Please sell the 2nd specialization set (maybe 3rd if that won’t ruin the fun of little restrict?).

Make 2nd set will inherit the first one’s each 5 skill leveling, to maintain some of the old skill that you want to keep.

Consider the price of this game, I’m willing to pay $5 to get 2nd specialization set or even 2nd+3rd. and it won’t ruin the balance while get some extra money to develop this game further.

The most fun part of this game I have experience so far is the skill specialization, to test more build, I’m willing to pay little money to skip the painful re-level up every skill.

Correct me if I’m missing something is already there.

I think it might be a good idea to have some mechanic or endgame tool you could use - maybe for gold, maybe by using some mats and effort - to “save” your current skill template in a way.

Like, it would fit thematically too - you would be “marking” an echo of yourself in time, you could find it again when needed.

As for autopick-up of crafting mats: that’s a no from me. It already hoovers up everything with one click, that is plenty of QoL imo, and the game doesn’t shower you in pick-up clicks anyway. It’s fine as is.

I like levelling new build to see if it is also viable on levelling so I am neutral on this specialization set idea. So, I just want to add that if the devs do implement this feature, it would have to come with equipment set alongside it.

I don’t understand the OP. Is it about having a full respec without levelling?

I believe he was referring to having to level up skills when swapping builds.

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If implement 2nd specialization set, player can still manually reset skill to start from level 1, so it doesn’t conflict between re-level and maintain some skill you want to keep in high level from my opinion.

Let’s say I have skill A~E with high level, and I want to test skill F, G.
I’ll have to give up 2 of A~E to level skill F, G from the ground up.

Once the skill gets high level, the progress is wayyyyyyyyy too slow for me, It doesn’t have fun factor in it, just grinding and waiting.

OK, I understand, thanks!

I’m thinking about how I play and how I manage my chars. Yes, it could be nice to have one “standard” build for each char, and to be able to come back to this build at once (with all the items). But we would need to be able to change it sometimes.
That could be interesting. For one only build per char, maybe.

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