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Suggestion : monolith simplify . forge potential setting

My suggestion and feedback after this update :

  1. New monolith map seems to lag a lot, even just walking but not cast skill. Sometimes it just solve after stand still 20sec, sometimes no problem when there is no mobs around.

  2. The new forging potential mechanic is great, but sometimes the forging potential cost is crazy, even with exalted item plus glyph of hope,
    I can run out forging potential in just 3~4 round with bad luck, that’s not gonna make even two tier 5 affix.
    My thought on this compare to old forge system, is it can be really lucky to get upgrade,
    but when you are not in the lucky day, you fail quicker than the old fracture setting.
    exalted item is already hard to get, if you don’t get to forge it to have more than two tier 5 affix, its kind of same with rare item .

  3. New legendary potential mechanic is also exciting for me. But I wish it can be some how lock the “implicit number range” base on how big the legendary potential is.

for example, If one unique item have following three parameter :
add 10~30 Intelligence , add 70~100 melee cold damage , add 100~200% melee damage.

with legendary potential 1 , it can drop with at least around 25% of min value.
with legendary potential 2 , it can drop with at least around 50% of min value
with legendary potential 3 , it can drop with at least around 75% of min value
with legendary potential 4 , it can drop with at least around 90% of min value(or 100% would be great and easy to do haha)

As example mentioned above, with legendary potential 2, it only drop with add 20~30 intelligence , add 85~100 melee cold damage ,
add 150%~200% melee damage.

Unique item with legendary potential 4 is already “legendary” enough, if it drop with shi*ty value that you want to ditch it right away, then there is no much excitement left in it.

From my perspective, there is too much great item to get in this game, drop crazy good item won’t make player getting bored at all(because it’s crazy rare).
But keep getting items with bad numbers does drive player away.
Running around for specific unique item just to find out it drop disappointing value AGAIN AND AGAIN really make me sad and feel waste time.

  1. Slightly simplified monolith?
    There is more than ten big timelines in monolith, I’m almost level 90 before I fully clear the first two timeline just once (fall of the outcasts, the stolen lance).
    Most reward node is repetitive ( affix shards, glyphs, runes, exp tome).
    when player clear one timeline, they can move on to next timeline, there is no need to worry about run out of reward node or content.
    On the contrary, too much node in every timeline make me feel tedious and time consuming to reach outermost node (vessel echoes, vessels of memory, vessels of chaos)
    If player feel fun, he will full clear a timeline twice or even three times, if player just chilling and enjoy the story mood in that timeline, he can complete once and move on to next timeline.
    But when timeline is too long in every branch, I can easily run out of patience, it turn out every rest of timeline equals nothing for me (cause I just got bored and leave this game temporary.)

Maybe it can be improve by slightly reduce node in some branch, make it quicker to reach outermost node?
for example : a branch in timeline takes 1~9 node to reach outermost, then prune node to only left ?
I can find the deleted reward node in other timeline or just replay that timeline again to get the reward I’m after.

So there won’t be lack of reward, and pace will be quicker and more exciting.

From what I experience right now, the late part after finish main story and get in monolith, the rate of reward to effort dropping really really fast.
Too much similar and not so attract reward(affix shard, normal rune, glyph), while the specific item player is chasing getting harder and harder to get.

It became normal that a player can play 10~30 monolith map in a row and not getting anything really impactful (despite he do get some forge material or gear he never gonna use).

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