Suggestion for Flame Shield

can we make flame shield a toggle so that it lasts forever but reduces mana regen by like 30-50% or something? having to re-activate it every few seconds isn’t really fun gameplay.
the talents that make it last longer could be turned into mana regen efficiency talents too.


This is a good point that has gotten much attention in a few threads and is brought up by new players from time to time.

Many people use the “numlock trick” to autocast skills like this everytime they are off cool down. The suggestion to toggle these skills is good and a solution many people would prefer. Sadly despite several discussions on this forum we never got any point of view from the devs, yet. :sneezing_face:

Numlock trick doesn’t really help with this skill, as the CD is about 1 second and skill lasts for 15 seconds. And the effect doesn’t stack! So you just end up burning your mana away.

I have thought a node needs adding to make the effect permanent. Or to make it a toggle on/off.

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Ah, sorry. Thought OP meant “flame ward”. :grin:

yeah easy to get them confused @XLVI_carpo

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