Suggestion for Endgame Activity

Here is my suggestion. (wall of text incoming)

I have almost 2500 hours in the game so big fan and all that.

I thought that maybe for a Season mechanic or even as a “dungeon” you attempt something that has never been done in an ARPG (that I know of) before which is:

A RAID. Not just ANY RAID but one that happens in multiple ERAS at once.

Now I know that Diablo 4 has the LEGION events and WORLD BOSSSES but that is just an instance with a very basic goal. Kill. Open Chest. What I am suggesting is a GOAL focused RAID that requires teamwork and coordination.

Here’s my pitch.

The player assembles FOUR teams of FOUR players and they queue up for at a START location (could need a key or resource etc). Now before I go any further you are probably thinking “SIXTEEN PLAYERS AT ONCE? RIP Server/Graphics Card/Sanity.” I get that. but just give this another second. The FOUR TEAMS all will start the RAID/DUNGEON/MISSION in a DIFFERENT TIMELINE. ANCIENT ERA, DIVINE ERA, IMPERIAL ERA, and RUINED ERA (as, um, I think you may know this already). Each TEAM has to accomplish a TASK/GOAL/BOSS FIGHT in each ERA to advance the ENTIRE MISSION. The beauty of this idea is that all the other TEAMS’ instances only need to be notified when a GOAL is completed to allow the MISSION to advance so (at least I’m wildly guessing) this may be easier to manage from a technical standpoint.

Let me give you an example: THe Mission is to break into a Mad Scientist’s lab to stop him from using the souls of the dead Gods to create a GOD ABOMINATION that will do horrible things etc etc. So Mad Scientist Mike (MSM from now on) is about to finsh the project and create decidely bad idea HEOLAGOROMORD-RAHMAJASA to stomp on ETERRA in the RUINED ERA. He happens to have his lab in the TOTALLY IMPENETRABLE FORTRESS OF CAN’T GET IT. Well to stop him the Travelers (maybe you could call them a BAND instead of TEAM? Cheesy? Probably) have to start in the IMPERIAL ERA to wipe out the contruction of the TIFOCGI before its built. In order to do that they need to follow steps through the ERAS to get the mission done. ALL OF THIS WOULD BE TIME ON A TIMER to avoid griefing, stupidity and really crap teams holding everyone else hostage.

The RAID is solved by: DIVINE ERA needs to KILL a MASSIVE CONSTRUCT that was created for reasons but is now used to guard the contruction site in the IMPERIAL ERA. With the construct dead the IMPERIAL ERA TEAM can enter the construciton site and weaken the foundations under where the DRAWBRIDGE will be built so that the RUINED ERA TEAM can destroy it and get into TIFOCGI and fight the END BOSS which is MSM piloting his INDESTRUCTABLE GOLEM powered by Ancient Rune Stones. So as you guess the ANCIENT ERA has to fight their way to the home of the Ancient Stones and fight the giant Death Lizard to collect those pesky Stones.

SO it would look like this:

RAID starts and all teams fight through maps and enemies to objective 1. This would be a good spot for a first mini boss/challenge/puzzle for all groups. All teams progress further to their respective objectives. AS soon as the ANCIENT ERA kills the DEATH LIZARD the GOLEM in the RUINED era can take damage. AS soon as the DIVINE era kills the CONSTRUCT then the IMPERIAL era can sabotage the bridge which will give the RUINED era enty to the TIFOCGI to fight the hopefully now vulnerable golem. When a team is done the DEF should be able to watch the other players to see them finish. Hopefully the timing would work out the the first 3 teams just watching the last boss fight.

Any of this make sense? NOw my example is obviously pretty generic and well…dumb but the mechanic idea I think would be pretty cool and definitely unique to ARPGs. I mean all you really would have to do is craft a multi-layered time travel story and quest that fits with the lore, implement the tech to have four groups in different instances work together seamlessly and then get the timing right so the first 3 groups weren’t standing around watching the last team flounder horribly for ten minutes.

Easy as pie right? Right?

Anyways, thanks for occupying 104 DAYS of my life with your wonderful game.


The idea seems fun and well thought out, but I have a few issues with it. Namely having to group with other people. I don’t like interacting with strangers (and hated the Legion/world boss in D4). Many people suffer from social phobias that prevent this as well. So it would be unfair to have a mechanic where you’re forcing people to engage with others in a game that, historically, could always be played on your own.
Not only that, but offline mode was guaranteed to have everything the online mode has (except online-only features like chat/trade/group/etc) so they would also be left out.

If you were to do this as a totally optional mechanic and with no exclusive rewards, then I’d say go for it.

I do like the idea, but it will not happen.

EHG said they will not implement or design things that require multiple people.

They said they might do changes or special mechanics for bosses, when there are multiple people present, but the entire game and its content should be soloable.


They don’t want to add content that requires a team. Sorry.

Hard pass. If I want to play an MMO, I’ll install an MMO.

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I missed where LE was an MMORPG… do we have a link anywhere?

It’s “massive”, multiplayer, online & an (action) RPG.

Thank you, next!

Hrm. My rogue “shoots” arrows, and I’m the first person in my family to play it, does that make it a First Person Shooter, as well?

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