SUGGESTION : Endgame skip after first playthough

I think replayability is an important part of any ARPG. Although after playing through the story with your first character. I’d like to see a feature so we can create a character and take them right to endgame after you’ve already completed it the first time. This would help additional playthroughs not feel like a race to the end.

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This is a common request from players for years.

Nothing specific from the devs on if this will ever be possible - i.e. bypassing the entire campaign section to “end-game” Monoliths.

However, the inclusion of Dungeons has made it possible to bypass large chunks of the campaign - allowing you to skip through faster to the end game. It’s not perfect for those of us that have dozens of alts, but its better than nothing right now. It should also be noted that you still have to do side-quests etc to max out your passive & idols slots and do the current “final” boss if you want the attribute boost.



They’ve always said no before & that the dungeons are as close as you’ll get with campaign skips.

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As mentioned, there’s currently no plans for a full campaign skip and that dungeons can used to skip sections of the campaign. You can read more about what the dev’s have said on this topic in the Campaign Skip section of my unofficial roadmap post.

Currently, as of patch 0.9.1, dungeons allow you to skip the following sections of the campaign:


I don’t know if I am against common sense, but after my 4th char I realized campaigns are no problem at all to repeat in alts.
The pace is very fluid , the different and quick scenarios and chapters help the gameplay. To finish the level and skill progression in this stage of the game is very dynamic and also helps, making it very solid even if it’s your 5th, 10th alt.

The one thing I’m struggling and sometimes makes me disenchantment with the game is repeating weaker and low corruption monoliths, specially normal monos, but also slowly grinding corruption all over again with the new char.

Gives me wishes to abandon this new char and go back to the ones I already have higher corruption.

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Campaign - agreed, I hardly notice whizzing through them. Its definitely boring and adds no value whatsoever but its not “that” troublesome to get through. But then again, I tend not to alt more than one or so of every class so I see it as a neccessary but temporary evil.

Monoliths - agreed. Slogging through the normal ones and re-grinding empowered ones on a totally new char after playing other chars on 300+ is boring as hell. While the boost between timelines for gaining corruption a single char is appreciated, levelling new chars on new timelines isnt great… and another neccessary but temporary evil…

I see a pattern here…

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I’d also like to mention that new players should NOT underestimate the power of low level uniques now and how fast they can get you through campaign. It gets easier and faster with every single character. And the new Weaver’s Will items can really make things smooth. Not a ‘skip’ per se.

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Well I seen a twitch stream by one of the devs. They said they will be extending the campaign. I don’t know if that means more acts or more side quests. Although if they add ANYTHING to the campaign they will have to add more rewards to make up for it. Doing side quests for only XP isn’t worth it the majority of time.

But extending the campaign doesn’t really matter, if you don’t wanna deal with the campaign.

You can go to the MoF as soon as you enter The End of Time.
Currently you will have unlocked all passives and Idols slots by the end of Chapter 7. Most people that don’t wanna deal with the campaign will go to MoF after unlocking passives and idols slots.

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Yeah, its not like PoE where you can’t do maps without finishing the campaign.

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