[Suggestion] CoF - Prophecies tab/page

It would be great if we could sort the prophecies according to location so that we can pinpoint what areas to prioritize based on the number of prophecy that area has. Currently, I’m getting cross-eyed.

To share, this is how I manually do it currently in Excel. It eats a bit of time just so I get to see what area to prioritize.

Aside from the mono location, I also have it sorted if it is a boss-kill (not tagged to any mono), mono mob kill (ie. giant scorpion), special mobs (ie. exiled mage, siege golem, diamond matron), story-related (ie. kill Liath, Majasa), or dungeon-related.

The Count is for the no. of times I have to do the prophecy since there’re moments where, for example, I only have 1 prophecy left for Black Sun but it still needs to be done 4x. If that’s the case, I’ll just move to other location and wait until I have enough prophecies again related to the Black Sun.


A great option would be a search function in the prophecies window.


Search and sort function for:

  1. Event
  2. Condition
  3. Reward
  4. Fulfillment count

That’s definitely gonna increase QoL in using the Prophecy Tab!

just the same as stash search

type a word and it highlights prophecies with that word

Yeah, the quick view is really helpful. Hopefully, we get something like that but for Prophecy Tab.

I like that notion and what you do in Excel. My approach is slightly different: I have a short list of special monsters in the 2 time lines that I still do (should be 1 eventually) and I don’t pick any prophecies that can’t spawn in these time lines.

What I thought of as the cleanest solution would be:

Have an indicator in the map menu: When we navigate to our time line from town, we can already see our current blessing in that time line. I would like to have a small number next to that indicating the amount of active prophecies that can be completed in that time line.

Hovering over this number (or pressing alt) should prompt a pop-up that lists specifics - condition, reward and number of uses left.