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Suggestion: Buff counter/duration

Playing a Void Knight at the moment, and currently have few “% to gain on kill or hit” buffs that last for a couple of seconds. So my suggestion: add icon(s) with the buff icon and some type of duration counter (numerical or w/e) which tracks the duration of it. Would make the gameplay a bit easier as it’s always nice to see all the icons popping up and blinking all over your screen, makes you feel stronk.
Also it affects my gameplay, more in HC then in SC. For example; using rebuke and all the “Increased X for 5 seconds after channeling” as my armor and elemental protection is a bit low, and it helps quiet a bit in trying to survive in arena. Tl;dr would help to know the timing/duration of those buffs.

Totaly agree with you, i’m sure they already planned this for the future, it’s like a basic visual function now for this kind of game so…

:raised_hands: EHG :raised_hands:

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