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Today, i think , Last Epoch arpg with really high potential and best skills mechanic in all arpg`s i ever played. Cool game dev team, who makes a great work and every week we have updates and news about project. So i think its only one game which can resque aRPG industry.

I grow up on games like Titan quest and old Sacred. This games united at one time great big and live open world with interesting setting. I know that Last Epoch oriented at PoE, but i think that it inherited worst feature - unlively world with corridor campaign passing and corridor side quest making in parralel with campaign and thoughtless annihilation of all living. We all know that aRPG mostly oriented on grind mechanics and killing mob packs. But i`m shure that focus on lore and world сomponent will make this game great (IMHO).

I suggest to think about some things like:

  • Reorganize old or few additional bigger location maps with additional NPCs and hidden zones, side quests. To make illusion of open world game in some locations.

  • Concentrate on world lore. Divine Era world for the beginning like more usual for fantasy setting

  • Some visitable buildings like tavern or temple to dispell any debuffs or something + find adittional side quests.

  • Non linear quests or dialogs, maybe with possibility to choose reward or gain any “carma points” if this kind if mechanic will be realized.

  • Make places (cities/camps) on map where player may feel that his or her character at “home” and prepares for dangerous journey to another location like it was in diablo 2. This feeling add a lot of atmosphere of future challenge. Now i just sell items in camp to vendor and keep running through locations, because i know that it will be just easy annihilation of all mobs in loc.

  • Interactive objects on map, like road pointer, well with hidden side quest for example, chest with potions, ruined buildings which you can examine.

  • More separate lvl up zones. When player will need to deside where to lvl up a character. Because now i just runned through campaign I didn’t even have a thought that i nedd some preparation to go in next location. Now it`s just about killing mob packs from location to location.

  • Difficulties improvements ( i already wrote about game “easyness” above.) using different mechanics and necessity to choose certain items with certain resists for particular boss or location area.

  • Loot system improvement. I prefer games where you have pleasure for every new item or some points to characteristic like it was in Gothic series or in sacred. Loot didnt drop in such quantity but it was quality. In Last Epoch now i often dont take or even read item description, after few locations its became boring. Too much but not really usefull, also because game difficult dont need this.

  • Possibility to play all this masterpiece with friend in balanced cooperative mode. (For example, Grim Dawn, where adding additional player gives more health and damage to enemies, but game changes totally. It`s no more challenge as on bosses as on mobs.

Thank you for your time and sorry for my english:)

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thats probably what bugs me about most arpgs today
sacred was my first one and it will always be my favourite one at least until D4 launches
simply due to the open world
however as far as i am concerned its much harder to put together and keep it bug free and stable when you have a big connected open world


LE unfortunately feels hermetic. Locations are cramped and lacking in detail. Grim Dawn has well designed levels full of details. Why in Last Epoch there are no such things as searching corpses, boulders, etc., only crates and boards from which only gold flies out? I also can't understand how it is that Diablo III which premiered in 2012 has amazing combat feel and mob animations which for other ARPG games can't even come close. Do you need a lot more money for that or is it about talented animators? Developers of this type of games need to understand that their game is to enjoy playing and fighting is to give satisfaction. Such Diablo III lies on many levels, but one thing I must admit is that it is the king of animation, the animation of death of opponents and the feeling of battle.

hmm. i like animations i LE, but world filling is absent. I want to see world bosses with story and quests for them, unique items. I not really like diablo 3 and skill system is really poor, but that feelings when you come to gloomy village tavern or when you going to kill Leorick because you know who is he and world or dungeon atmosphere are incredible. Game must “talk” with player and dip him in story and game world, its not in killing everything on the way!

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Blizzard has a teeny bit more resources to throw at things like animations than EHG.

I’m not saying that animations in LE are bad, they are ok, but they could be better especially mob death animations. Diablo III just has one huge plus in terms of death animations and combat feel, ragdoll. Everything else is a misunderstanding for me, unfortunately. And I realize that Blizzard has a lot of money. In LE they could also improve the ragdoll, the physics. To be fair I like LE a lot and it is for me right after Grim Dawn one of my favourite ARPGs, but I would still like to see some improvements technically.

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