Suggestion: An arena with 90's arcade style boosts

I really like that there are no timed events in this game, nothing forcing us to go, go, go, go, go all the time. So I want to preface this by saying I’m only thinking about this as a special event idea, not something to be part of the core game. Maybe an arena, or maybe only during certain cycles.

Also, since this game is about time travel, there’s really no reason our character should ever feel pressed for time. But that said, it stands to reason that they could also take some time off for fun/leisure/pleasure. There’s nothing so truly pressing that they couldn’t just travel back in time to deal with it.

So … on to the idea.

I was running echoes tonight and enjoying Haste when I thought about how fun it could be to have a map where every shrine grants Haste. Then I remembered the arcade games of the 90s where you were doing a timed trial, but in order to complete the map you had to hit certain spots that would give you enough of a speed boost to get you to the next boost.

It could be fun to have something similar here. Maybe nothing really rewarding, gold, runes, glyphs, or something like that. Just something fun to do when you’re tired of doing other stuff.

I agree simply because I think there needs to be more avenues to be able to grind if you are stuck or got screwed by unlucky drops. There are too many characters that are specific stat or item dependent and I got stuck with my sorcerer at around lvl 32 and had to just grind monolith until I got some reasonable item. There needs to be a better way to unstuck yourself, especially for people like me that play solo character found only.

I didn’t think you could even access the monos until lvl 55. Did that change?

Please don’t. I already told you in that other thread that I prefer to give different suggestions their own posts so people can use the vote button at the top to vote on individual suggestions like this one.

Your thread reads like a dictionary of every possible feature of every game that’s ever existed. There’s no need to post a link to your thread in everyone else’s.

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