Suggestion: Add more cursors, cursor colors and sizes

As the title says. I would kindly ask you consider adding additional cursor options to game as it is easy to loose track of default cursor when theres lot of action on screen, especially with larger monitor resolutions. I know there are third party options for this and I’ve tried them but they cause some kind of memory problems with my rig even tho it is pretty state of the art gaming computer. This would make targeted skills much more easier to use and an older gamer like me wouldn’t be missing half of my fireball casts anymore :wink:

Some of the cursor options I would like to see:

  • High contrast option for better visibility
  • Option to choose different cursor colors from palette or fixed pool
  • Different shapes of cursors
  • Option to scale the size of cursor

Optional: Add different cursor themes etc to shop for decent price


There are already many many OPEN threads about this, including one that was created today.

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TLDR, it’s really hard.

And apparently searching for open threads is possibly as hard for players as changing the cursor is for the devs.


Maybe if the Search was different colors, sizes and fonts, it would be more easierest.


But then people would just complain that respeccing their cursor takes too long & that it feels bad having to relevel it. And why is the cursor gender locked? It’s clearly non-binary…

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Yeah sorry If my post pushed your buttons, I did quick ctrl+f search on suggestions front page and with word “cursor” and didn’t get any single hit even though there are several dozens of threads. To be honest, it’s been years since I last used any kind of forums so I had completely forgotten such handy feature as “forum search” exists so again, I apologize for my first post.

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Don’t worry about it, I’m a grumpy f###er & am having a bad day & long month. And at least you tried. And apologised.

We better stop here, before @DJSamhein comes up with a cursor kink… that we can’t shame.

Well, technically, if being ashamed is your kink, then we can kink shame.

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This is the only issue I have with the game. I couldn’t care less if someone is abusing 50k ward warlock, cursor directly interference my gameplay expirience…

At least add them as purchasable cosmetics = win win

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