Suggestion - Add a remove all Passive points - for X

I know . .this subject has prolly been raised before. - and most likely beaten like a dead horse-

but I would really like a option to spend X gold to just drop myself back to 0 passive points spent… rather then have to unclick EVERY node… over and over and over from 12 , to 11 , to 10 , paying a little bit each time

Even just a option to de-level a full node - where it takes out all the points in said node and returns them - for X gold- vs sitting for 30 min de-leveling your passives so you can re-level them to try something new.

Gold is pretty easy to come by - and this is a great gold sink for people who want to try out new ideas, and builds- without re-leveling a brand new toon -

But its just soo annoying… to have to remove say 100 points from a lvl 90 Pally 1 at a time- just because you wanted to switch from Warpath to Hammer-din - or the like

I do not mind the cost- paying gold is fine- I would just like a option - at the person to pay (*insert gold cost) - to reset all passive points- and it refunds them all to you to re-level how you see fit.

You could even add a convivence charge- like say it costs 225,000 gold to de-level - charge them 250,000 to do it all at once -

Hell make a (semi-rare) drop that you can give the lady to do it - this way they have to find them in order to use them …

Just a suggestion - over all i love the game -


very needed indeed

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Yes please, it’s an easy functionality to implement, and it’s so needed.