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Suggestion: 3 simple nodes to make Sacrifice universally usable

Loyal servants

Your Skeleton Mages cannot be sacrificed.
Deal 5% more damage

Hulking abomination
Your Abomination cannot be sacrificed.
Deal 5% more damage

Tower of bones
Your Bone Golem cannot be sacrificed
Deal 5% more damage

With these 3 nodes you can add sacrifice to basically any necro build and make it more active. Sacrifice will now only sacrifice disposable minions, so you have some sort of permanent defense while you re-summon your sacrificial fuel.

If will also synergize with the auto-sacrifice from Zombies and Dread Shade, which is currently unusable because it targets randomly.

PS: Another possible node:

Explosive build-up
Sacrifice no longer instantly kills the targeted minion.
Minions that have Sacrifice used upon them lose health at an increasing rate.
The Sacrifice effect now occurs when the targeted minion dies.