Suddenly all monsters are invincible, I am invincible, and then I need to port to another place on the map and my game crashes (happens a ton)

Since about 5-7 days ago, every 4-5 monoliths, I’m going through the monolith and at some point, I can’t kill the monsters, and they can’t kill me. The game is still ongoing, I can move and they follow me, they attack me, I attack them, but nothing happens. So I can’t finish the monolith, so then I have to open my map and port to another city/region to get out of the bugged monolith. It instantly crashes my game and closes it completely. To play again, I need to open the game again and log back in, until the next bugged monolith.

Here is the player log file.
Player.log (160.1 KB)

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Same for me too :frowning:
I’m VK.

Playing Void Knight as well and having this happen to me almost every other mono.

I removed Sigils from my build and no bug for me. Can you confirm this too if it’s ok, please?

So I did some testing with just the first monolith and some arenas without Sigil and I can confirm it seems to have fixed it. I also specced back into sigil and would do 3-4 echos with each node and wasn’t able to replicate the bug.
Current abilities build: Rive Void Knight Last Epoch Build Guide -

I used the sigils from this build instead of Lunge. Now I use only this from A to Z. Respecced Sigils and use idem like here. No bug and happy playing :slight_smile:

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