As far as I can tell, it’s now been 9 months since the last mention of subtitles in a dev blog (but I could be wrong as I didn’t look too hard). It has however been mentioned that localization in several languages is planned to be ready for 1.0.

Are subtitles also planned to be ready along with localization for 1.0?

I can’t overstate how important it is for accessibility options to be available in this (and any) game and how it can lock an entire subset of gamers out of playing or enjoying certain aspects of the game. I do understand that some things are more important or higher priority, but I feel like it’s been a long time without a lot of clear communication on the topic.

Could we get any further insight into the matter from any EHG employees?

I actually wanted to weigh in on this as well. The lack of subtitles at this point are extremely distracting, especially when it’s with an NPC who follows you for a bit and talks to you while you’re fighting away at top volume.

The most recent forum thread that I saw about subtitles was in June of last year, and then this one. As someone with a really keen interest in seeing subtitles in the game, I would like to know where we stand on that as compared to the last 9 months.

I just want to add my support for subtitles, too. I know NPCs keep talking, but I have not been able to understand a single thing any of them have said (due to the sounds of combat, background music, and ambient in-game background noise drowning them out), and I have perfectly fine hearing. I can’t imagine how much worse it is for people who have hearing issues or don’t speak fluent English. What’s the point of even having dialogue if people can’t tell what’s being said?

Came here specifically looking for this suggestion because I got the game after hearing quite a lot of positive comments about it. First thing I noticed in settings was that there is no subtitle option. As someone who uses subtitles, it’s really very disappointing that there are none (yet) in this game. The inability to have subtitles so I can read what’s being said by and to my character is a deal breaker for me because I miss quite a lot of a game’s content without them.

I’d like to try to describe my subtitle-free Last Epoch experience: the game started after character select, there was a brief cutscene with voiceover that I can only assume gave some context to what was unfolding on screen and what I was about to find when my character spawned in. I make the assumption because I could not hear the individual words, nor were there subtitles that I could read so that I would know what the voiceover was saying. I heard what may have been occasional comments from my character as I played, but again, could not hear/make out individual words.

As someone who generally likes lore and likes to hear the banter between characters (or even my own character’s little side comments as they encounter new things and different areas), to not be able to make out what’s being said and to not have access to any form of subtitles makes me feel like I’m missing out on half of the experience of the game. And it annoys me to pay for something and miss out on it anyway.

I get that the game is still in beta and because it is beta, I’m going to be patient, but I see from this thread, it’s been almost a year since the topic was mentioned. Before it “officially” launches as a finished product, accessibility needs to be addressed.