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The game needs subtitles. The cut scene at the very beginning is so short; they really should already be in the game. It makes things inaccessible for people.

This has gameplay ramifications too! Subtitles being enabled for boss voice clips would make it much easier for me to identify their tells for what attack is next.

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You aren’t missing out on any lore, but that’s a fair point.

All the more reason to have subtitles, I’d say. If a boss is designed around having audio cues, it’d be a good thing to not handicap players with hearing conditions/disabilities or a language barrier.

I was searching for this topic to create it. I agree. Here’s why:

I want to know what the NPC’s are saying before a big fight or when starting a new quest!

I get that I might not be missing anything, but then why have voice dialogue at all.