Subtitles would be very helpful

The very first thing I do when playing a new game is try to find my way to the options menu and turn on subtitles. I couldn’t find any such option here. I can’t hear very well and it’s tricky to understand what various people are saying. Even though I maxed out the voice volume and lowered the rest, I feel like I’ve missed about half of what was said (the character intros, for example, they looked fancy but I had to guess at a lot of the words). I think subtitles will help a lot more people than just me. Hearing impairment isn’t uncommon and accessibility features are always appreciated :slight_smile:


As someone who is severely deaf, I second this request.

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All the voices lines are a precis of the quest text with the exception of the class intro videos and a few places such as when you first arrive in Lagon’s domain and your character complains about being wet. And the Sentinel saying “submit or die” every other mob.

That’s not to say there shouldn’t be subtitles, just that most of it is already written.

Class into is confusing one, since it is the first thing you see. Bumping up this suggestion. This is not just for accessibility, but also for players with non native language.

Yeah, that’s fair enough. I think a subtitles toggle would be a good idea.

I don’t even want to play until this is implemented. I have trouble deciphering the words and I need the full lore experience. Preferably transcribed into the chat log where I can look up what someone said after a scene.

Just fought the water god guy and I couldn’t understand a thing he said.

LOL! You didn’t miss a thing there…

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