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Substantial improvements have been made to the Support Hub

Hi everyone!

We have redesigned our Support Hub page.

The new version is intended to offer articles better discoverability, and to improve the experience of using our support site in general. While we plan to keep adding more support articles, we’re currently reviewing how we’ll handle providing equivalent information to Windows, Linux, and Mac users.

Please note that as some existing articles are replaced, and new support articles are added, we will be making changes to which articles are displayed in each of the sections. The support site will be a work in progress up until around the release of our first alpha build sometime next month.

The changes which are now live include;

  • Live searching has been enabled (slower than we'd like atm).
  • Considerably increased the number of articles linked to directly.
  • Searches on our support site will now only return support articles.
  • Added featured articles to highlight the most sought-after information.
  • An additional 12 support articles have been added, with more on the way!